PR2 plus is the specialized printer for multi-functional front-office applications capable to print on single-sheet, multiple-


copy documents and on passbooks.


It is the evolution of the world’s most popular printer for bank teller applications, with the following characteristics:

  • One of the smallest and Quietest models on its products class.
  • extremely easy to use.
  • Management of all banking forms.
  • Ultra-fast alignment for improved performance.
  • Dual-Side color  scanning (available as MB-2 model, see related datasheet )
  • Magnetic-strip reading and writing, MICR code-line reading (CMC7 / E13B).
  • Outstanding graphics management.
  • superior printing speeds: UP TO 560 CHAR/SEC IN VHSD.
  • New ink ribbon prints up to 10,000,000 characters.
  • keeps dimensions to a minimum, ranking as one of the smallest specialized printers for this market segment.
  • provides in a single device all the Hardware needed to complete different operations related to a single transaction.
Olivetti datasheet
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